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Erectin Reviews 2024 – Is It A Clinically Proven Formula For Increased Sex Drive?

What Is Erectin?

Erectin is a herbal supplement made by Leading Edge Health that claims to improve men’s sexual health and combat erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE).

The official website of the company promises that Erectin will:

  • Provide erections that are thicker and fuller
  • Increase hardness
  • Enhance sexual endurance and control
  • Boost libido
  • Intensify orgasms

Let’s take a closer look at what Erectin promises to accomplish first, and we’ll come back to whether or not this is all true in a moment. Based on a clinical study, the company claims that Erectin has a success rate of 90%; However, their website does not provide a direct link to the study.

The company promises that after 60 days of taking the supplement, the best results will be achieved by taking two pills once daily with food. On the other hand, they mention that some men may experience results in as little as 28 days. According to the product’s official website, it contains ingredients like tribulus terrestris and hawthorn berry. Erectin, according to the company, is fast-acting thanks to liquid gel caps.

A one-month supply of Erectin costs $59.99 on average, though bulk orders may result in a lower total cost. In addition, the business promises a hassle-free refund and a 67-day guarantee if the product does not perform as expected. Let’s examine Erectin in greater detail to determine its safety and efficacy.


The herbs used to make Erectin supplements are described as “ancient aphrodisiacs” that have been “used to increase sexual functioning for centuries,” according to the company’s website. These kinds of claims are simple to make, but there is no scientific evidence for them. All we know is that people have been using them for centuries without knowing much about the benefits or potential dangers.

Let’s take a look at some of the herbs in Erectin:

  • Puma Muira Bark: This herb may be beneficial for ED, according to a few studies on rats.
  • Berry of Hawthorn: Hawthorn berries may be useful in the treatment of some cardiovascular diseases, according to studies. Nonetheless, PE and ED require additional research.
  • Terrestris Tribulus: Promoting sexual health and wellness appears to be a promising area of research in rats. Still, human studies have shown that renal and liver failure may occur.
  • Bark of Catuaba: Although more research is required, this herb may aid in sexual function and libido enhancement.
  • Leaf Damiana: This herb is said by herbalists to treat anxiety and sexual dysfunction; However, this assertion is supported by very few, if any, scientific studies.
  • Red Korean Ginseng: One of the more extensively researched herbs on this list, this one has been shown to be effective against erectile dysfunction.
  • Chinese cuscus: The efficacy of this herb in treating male sexual health has been the subject of very few if any, studies.
  • (Horny Goat Weed:) Epimedium This herb has been shown in studies to possibly help with erectile health.
  • Black pepper and Bioperine: Some men may benefit from this ingredient’s cardiovascular benefits.
  • Palmetto Saw: According to some studies, this herb can help men with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and may improve the quality of their erections.
  • Biloba Gingko: This herb may have an effect on libido and the quality of an erection. It is frequently used for cognitive effects like more energy and better memory retention.

Erectin Benefits

Erectin may improve the quality of some men’s erections based on the ingredients. As was mentioned earlier, not all of the herbs on the list are supported by solid scientific evidence.

As a result, Erectin promises to:

  • Increase erection strength
  • Promote more frequent erections
  • Increase male sexual functioning
  • Enhance orgasms

These claims are difficult to support, and some verified users who took Erectin did not experience these benefits.

How Does Erectin Work?

Erectin claims to be effective primarily through the use of herbs to increase blood flow throughout the body, which may then affect the quality of male erections. There is some scientific support for this claim. Cardiovascular disease is a common cause of erectile dysfunction, and improving one’s cardiovascular health may improve erection quality and frequency.

How To Take Erectin

Erectin soft gels should be taken with food once or twice a day. The company states that users can increase their daily dosage to four gels after some time has passed. They say that users should reduce their dosage if the supplement becomes too strong.

Erectin Side Effects

After taking Erectin, one verified reviewer from an online marketplace claimed to have experienced both arm pain and chest pain. Before using the product, people with the following conditions might want to talk to their doctor:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • A risk of heart attacks or strokes
  • Alcoholism
  • Any chronic conditions

Even though the company might say that there haven’t been any reported negative effects, every supplement could have problems. Examine the product’s individual ingredients’ potential negative effects.

When Do Erectin Results Appear?

Even though they don’t show the study, the company says that the product gave users significant results after 28 days.However, numerous verified reviewers assert that despite trying the product for more than a month, they have not seen any results.

Erectin Reviews

While the Erectin website does not contain any reviews that have been verified, Amazon does have some reviews that have been verified. Sadly, the majority of reviews offer very little in the way of content or specifics. The majority of the positive reviews state, “it works,” while the majority of the negative reviews state, “it doesn’t work.”

It is difficult for potential customers to make an accurate decision regarding the product due to the absence of verified user reviews. Try the product’s various herbs, or at least those with some scientific backing, to see if they work for you as a workaround. VitaFLUX is a good alternative to try if those are unsuccessful. It has more verified reviews and ingredients that have been tested and thoroughly researched to maximize benefits and reduce side effects.


Erectin makes a lot of promises, but it’s hard to try because it relies too much on “ancient herbal wisdom” and doesn’t have any scientific studies. Before using a product, it’s important to think about the research behind its ingredients. In addition, people should talk to their doctor to find out if it is a good option for the problem they are trying to solve. VitaFLUX is an example of a product that makes use of high-quality, well-researched ingredients and allows for user reviews.

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