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ProSolution Plus Reviews 2024 – Premature Ejaculation Supplement

 ProSolution review, After a night in the city, one feels ethereal. The temperature is rising, and you and your partner decide to go to bed. After that, it gets worse. You finish the task quickly and get a little too excited, which makes you feel embarrassed. You’re not the only one, though. More than half of men suffer from premature ejaculation (PE), a common condition at the time of death. A recent study reveals that between 20% and 30% of men have reported that PE has affected their relationships and daily lives.

Are you looking for a natural way to control the effects of clinical PE or extend your time in bed? Read on for our review of ProSolution Plus, a supplement made entirely of natural ingredients that are meant to help men delay the climax. You will learn the fundamentals of PE in the following section. the advantages ProSolution Plus provides and whether it is the best choice for you.

Review Summary


  • Excellent findings from the ProSolution Plus study
  • A higher level of sexual satisfaction
  • Asignificant reduction in premature ejaculation
  • Minor to moderate side effects in less than 2% of men
  • A recommendation from a doctor
  • A 67-day money-back guarantee


  • The majority of ingredient research has been conducted on animals
  • There are no studies of long-term effects
  • It takes between 30 and 60 days for full efficacy
  • And it costs more than other options

Bottom line

In the event of premature ejaculation, ProSolution Plus is a fairly secure method of receiving assistance. Numerous studies, most of which were carried out on animals, have been conducted on the ingredients. A sponsored, triple-blind human study of the drug is promising, but it needs peer review. Because long-term safety has not yet been demonstrated, you should exercise caution and follow your doctor’s instructions.

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What steps can I take to determine if I have clinically premature ejaculation?

PE’s medical definition is unclear. It’s a complicated condition that could be caused by a variety of physical and mental factors. 80-90% of people with PE who have been around for a long time ejaculate in less than 60 seconds each time. The remaining people complete it in under two minutes. It’s possible that the problem you’re having isn’t as serious as the others. It’s worth looking into possible solutions if the early climax is hurting your relationships.

It is absolutely necessary to see a doctor in order to ascertain the severity of your condition and any potential causes. PE may be brought on by low serotonin or dopamine levels (in men), organ sensitivity, relationship stress, or both. Before starting treatment, this condition must be thoroughly diagnosed. The doctor will ask you questions like these in order to make a diagnosis:

  • Is this a regular occurrence or only a few times a year?
  • How long have you been experiencing these symptoms?
  • Are you experiencing anxiety or depression?
  • Do you have trouble getting or keeping an erection?
  • Are you experiencing difficulties in your relationship as a result of this?

Your reactions to each address will give hints to the presence of a mental or physiological issue, and the best course to do about it. After you have perused our careful survey, we firmly propose counseling a doctor to decide if an enhancement, for example, ProSolution is the most ideal choice for you.

What exactly is ProSolution Plus?

Organic ProSolution Plus is a supplement designed to naturally reduce the effects of PE by providing your body with nutrients, minerals, and botanicals. Low libido levels, performance anxiety, quality of erection, and ejaculation control are just a few of the clinical PE issues it aims to address. It is not for those who like to wait. ProSolution takes 30 to 60 days to reach full efficacy, which is a slow process.

Who ought to think about ProSolution Plus?

ProSolution Plus is something that people who suffer from PE should think about. PE can affect family and daily life. ProSolution Plus is just as safe as or safer than the most widely used PE medications. ProSolution Plus is worth a look if you’ve tried standard PE solutions like SSRIs or ED medications but haven’t had any success or experienced severe side effects.

Who wouldn’t be able to use ProSolution Plus in some way?

ProSolution Plus may not be beneficial to men with mental health issues who suffer from PE. According to one Ashwagandha study, it may help alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms. However, if your mental issues become so severe that they reach a sudden peak, you might need something more potent.

We cannot emphasize enough how complicated and multifaceted PE is. Prior to purchasing ProSolution Plus or any other PE-specific supplement, it is essential to consult a physician.

What is ProSolution Plus? ProSolution Plus works

Natural ingredients are used in ProSolution Plus to help with premature ejaculation and overall sexual performance. In order to improve sexual health, including control over ejaculation, the quality of your erection, and general satisfaction, a mixture of minerals, herbs, and vitamins slowly builds up in your body. Within 30 to 60 days of treatment, you will begin to experience the full benefits if it is successful for you.

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ProSolution Plus was the subject of an impressive triple-blind clinical study that was published in the American Journal of Therapeutics. Using the standardized rubric, participants reported how far along they had been:

  • 64% less early ejaculation
  • 48% more success in getting and keeping an erection.
  • 67% improvement in erection quality
  • 78% increase in sexual satisfaction

On paper, the findings look amazing, especially to PE sufferers. But before you look at ProSolution Plus, we looked at the seven parts to make sure you know exactly how the product does what it says.

Withania somnifera or Ashwagandha (240 mg)

Ashwagandha is an old Ayurvedic remedy that was used to treat a variety of ailments. Its antidepressant, anxiolytic, and stress-reducing properties are supported by scientific evidence. Ashwagandha was found to have indirectly raised adult rodent serotonin levels in one study. If your PE is brought on by low serotonin levels, this could help ease it. In 2003, a different study found that it dramatically increases the production of nitric oxide (NO), the most important neurotransmitter for the health of erections. Male organ blood flow can be increased by elevated NO levels, which may help address some of the underlying causes of ED (a condition that is frequently linked to PE).

Asparagus Adscendens Root (200 mg)

The climber plant Asparagus adscendens roots (AARR) originated in Asia (not in the same way that the well-known vegetable does). Its potential effects on the nervous, cardiovascular, and immune systems are highlighted in a medical review. It is essential to acknowledge that each of the reviewed studies makes use of animals. The effectiveness of AARR in humans is understudied. However, there are encouraging indications that it is safe and has the potential to be used as a sexual health supplement. Even at 64 grams for mice, the review found no toxic effects. Rodents’ sexual activity significantly increased in one animal study. Inflammation and stress were found to be lower in animals in a subsequent study.

150 mg of Shilajit / Asphaltum Exudate

Shilajit is a waxy substance found in the Himalayas. It has been used as a traditional remedy for sexual dysfunction like premature ejaculation and longevity, rejuvenation, and longevity. However, our investigation revealed that no studies have been conducted on its application to PE.

This exotic ingredient has the potential to make a splash in your bedroom. When compared to a placebo, taking 250 mg of shilajit twice daily resulted in an increase in testosterone, according to a double-blind study. Shilajit was found to raise dopamine levels in mice in a different study. Shilajit may be able to help treat your condition if it is caused by erectile dysfunction or low levels of dopamine, two common causes.

Root of Kali Musli (Curculigo Orchioides) (100 mg)

The Asian native plant Kali Musli is under threat. The endangered plant is thought to be helpful for jaundice, low libido, and other sexual dysfunctions. However, there is insufficient research-based evidence to suggest that it can treat any of these conditions effectively. In one animal study, rats given 100 mg/kg of the drug had higher rates of erections, mating, and attraction to females. These findings have not yet been replicated in human trials.

Tribulus Terrestris (TT) Fruit (100 mg)

In some cultures, Tribulus Terrestris (TT) plants produce a green, spiky fruit that is used as an aphrodisiac. Animal studies have demonstrated the plant’s potential as an effective treatment. A 2013 study found that TT relaxed the cavernosa corpora, which is the spongy part of the penile tissue that fills the body with blood when an erection occurs. The researchers came to the conclusion that TT may enhance rabbits’ erectile performance.

The human outcomes are mixed. When treating ED, a study found no difference between TT and placebo. A different clinical study found that when compared to a placebo, sexual performance improved. More research is needed to find out how TT contributes to sexual dysfunction in humans.

Mucuna Pruriens Seed (100 mg)

This overview of the Mucuna Pruriens bean provides an exhaustive list of its potential applications. This bean’s potential as an Ayurvedic anaphrodisiac is the primary reason for your interest. The primary active ingredient is l-dopa. It is a neurotransmitter and a precursor to the production of dopamine. Dopamine plays an important role in the bedroom because it is

the neurotransmitter that is responsible for reaching a climax, motivation, and satisfaction. A single animal study that used a 200 mg/kg mucuna pruriens alcohol extract found significant increases in sexual activity and a delay in ejaculation.

It has not been evaluated as a human aphrodisiac. However, a study into men’s infertility has produced encouraging findings. Men saw an increase in sperm count of 688 percent, an increase in sperm motility of 32 percent, and a 25-81 percent decrease in cortisol levels (one indicator of stress) over the course of five months after taking 5,000 mg per day.

Whole Asteracantha Langifolia Plant (80 mg)

The species of plant Asteracantha longifolia can be found in Asian and African swamps. In Ayurvedic treatments for diabetes, sexual problems, and liver disorders, it is frequently used. However, the scientific community is unaware of its effects on humans. For instance, in one animal experiment, researchers observed an increase in female attraction, production, and sexual activity. There is no indication of negative side effects. With daily doses of between 100 and 200 mg/kg, the researchers found no adverse reactions.

Is ProSolution Plus safe?

Only 2% of participants in the ProSolution Plus study experienced mild to moderate side effects. As a result, it is as safe as Viagra (2%), a well-known ED medication, and more effective than Ciali (4%). Additionally, ProSolution Plus has significantly fewer adverse effects than SSRIs. In this SSRI study, 38% of participants experienced certain side effects. Changes related to sexual dysfunction, sleepiness, and weight were the most common three. This means that ProSolution is a very safe option, but there are two things you should know before trying it.

Even if you are already taking blood pressure medications, ProSolution Plus may cause lightheadedness and lower blood pressure. ProSolution Plus may alter glucose levels, so diabetic patients should be aware of this. Shilajit is a potentially hazardous component that should be taken into consideration. Twenty percent of the shilajit supplements produced in both the United States and India contained heavy metals like mercury, lead, and arsenic, according to a study of clinical studies. It typically results from poor extraction techniques and a lack of testing oversight. Although there are no studies on the supplement’s long-term effects, our research indicates that ProSolution Plus is a dependable company.

Rashes, a faster heart rate, and dizziness are all warning signs that heavy metal contamination is present. Sildenafil additions that were not labeled to the counterfeit ProSolution were discovered in a 2017 FDA note. It is unclear who the distributors are or how the counterfeit goods got on store shelves. However, to ensure that you receive the genuine product, we strongly recommend making your purchase directly through ProSolution Plus.

Are ProSolution Plus an affordable price?

If you’re looking for alternatives to the standard PE treatment, ProSolution Plus is a great deal. It can be a little pricey at times, even more so than similar PE supplements. However, it is well worth it due to its positive aspects. The tablets only contain natural ingredients, first and foremost. This indicates that ProSolution Plus is a viable alternative if you have experienced adverse effects from SSRIs or ED medications.

Ejaculation lag time and sexual satisfaction were also improved without significant negative effects in this ProSolution Plus study. Thirdly, the combination of vitamins, herbs, and minerals can address a variety of potential causes of the condition (such as testosterone and the quality of an erection, serotonin and dopamine levels and libido, and so on). PE is a complicated condition with numerous causes that frequently mix together. Your body will have the tools it needs to deal with the most common problems with ProSolution Plus.

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